Welcome! I am Allan Joseph Cagadas, solidmarkup is my personal website and my playground for testing cutting edge technologies.

I am a filipino web developer who specializes in developing websites, web applications and responsive newsletters. I'm a tireless seeker of knowledge especially on my favorite - networking, linux and web development.

I studied Masters of Information Technology at University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines but I was unable to complete the course however I was able to finish the coursework. I gradutaed Bachelor of Science and Computer Engineering at the same University.

You can download my resume here.

Online Hubs:



  • Source Tree - A GUI for version control software like GIT
  • PFSense - A powerful firewall based on FreeBSD
  • iPerf - A tool used for network performance measurement and tuning

Windows Tools

  • Fast Copy - A tool for moving and removing files especially when directory structures are extremely long under an NTFS filesystem.


  • Douane - A firewall for your application

Mac OS X

  • SIP - A color picker for Mac OS
  • Moom - A windows like utility app to do window sizing


  • Work in progress


  • Work in progress